#EyeKnow @Rhymageddon

I know

Black man bearded and 5’10
Police automatic thinking
I’m opposite of friend
Foe? Soon as I walk out the door
Don’t wanna draw first blood
Me nah Rambo
When drama pop
I’m floating opposite direction
These dominant genes ain’t got
Complexion for protection
My civil rights? Barely an amendment
13 and 15th (amendment)
Doubt they really meant it
No wonder
Mama say my name in her prayer
NYPD turning their backs on mayor
‪#‎Deblasio‬ he’s got a black son
Demand help from the (DOJ)
We’re getting none
Black lives matter
won’t they show some humanity?
Changing up our methods
Hope you’re understanding me
Black power fist raised no it ain’t for vanity
Repeating steps for different results is insanity

Whether you’re ‪#‎MikeBrown‬
Or ‪#‎EricGarner‬
It’s really tough being Black
‪#‎OscarGrant‬ and Trayvon
Wish we could bring y’all back

( I knowwww)
Cops they will lay you down
Whether you’re Light Puerto Rican-skinned or Brown


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