Show Mumia’s Documentary in Newark

Show Mumia's Documentary in Newark

Good Evening Comrades,

Hello everyone! Today, you are receiving this invitation for your organization to be a part of this historical event that we are putting forth next month, October 24th 2013. Recently at City Plex Movie Theatre, in Newark New Jersey, they were scheduled to play the “Mumia Abu Jamal Documentary”, which tells the inside truth of a current political prisoner sentenced to jail allegedly because he was a “threat” to America’s democracy. Although, just a few days before it was to play, the producer was told that the viewing was cancelled with no explanation as of why. Afterwards the community responded with a peace demonstration addressing the disrespect and neglect of that corporation and the “powers that be”. Therefore, with quick response the Hip Hop Student Association with Essex County College Communication Department along with the New Black Panther Party booked a date for college students and the community-at-large to view the life of a journalist, radio host, academia and American citizen forced to do prison utilizing his “freedom of speech”.

In addition, we are set to have a meeting to discuss this endeavor in further detail. The meeting will take place at the Urban Issues Institute, this Friday at 3:00pm on the 4th floor room 4170 (take the elevator then get off of the 4th floor and immediately make a sharp left turn). The people are the people because the power is the people so we intend on doing just that “GET THE PEOPLE”. This is a community event which is very important to revolutionaries all around Newark, New Jersey and all over the world. Your participation is the key to bridging the gap and getting to all of our communities not just students alone.

If you will be in attendance, please send response back so we can check off your organization. Thank you in advance!

In The Struggle,
Hip Hop Student Association
Co-Founder/Civic Committee Chairman
Tarrick Tucker


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