Deejay Lord Yoda X & Miranda Writes

Councilman Ras J Baraka presents Newark’s 3rd Annual 24 Hours of Peace (((FREE))) Concert

#24HrsofPeace is an outdoor cultural event aimed at addressing violence through the performing arts. Music, Poetry, Dance, Film and Spoken word will be the vehicle to promote the message of peace and unity in the community


One thought on “Deejay Lord Yoda X & Miranda Writes

  1. Victory! This is going to be such a blessed event. We are still waiting on the time that GOD’s Desire Music is scheduled to be there. Could you let us know today because we will be going away for our 21st Wedding Anniversary tomorrow but we will be back by the 24th.


    Pastor Marvin and Lady Adrienne Jenkins GOD’s Desire Ministries/GOD’s Desire Music, LLC ”FREEDOM!” CD – Get Your Copy Today @ email:

    We are available for bookings



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