“Words Of The Honorable”

Corey Booker has done little to nothing for residents of NEWARK. He out right attacked Newark Public Schools by dismantling teachers supporting policies of Governor Christie. As far as crime, he has made Newark a police state and when asked to speak to Mothers of Murdered Victims, he ran to his vehicle while over 500 mothers held a demonstration of healing for their children who was murdered under his watch. And when it comes to jobs, the unemployment rate is at 30-40% outsourcing jobs to his close friends at extremely high salaries while not giving City Hall employees a raise since he has been in office since 2006. Booker has accomplished marvelous achievements in Newark, unfortunately that only manifest to those in top executive positions while stripping the Newark Police Department of 175 police officers during one of the city’s most historical crime epidemic. If you ask majority of the people who live in Newark you would get an overwhelming disapproval rating that corporate polling companies would never survey. Think I am kidding, just go to YouTube and type in Corey Booker at Lincoln Park Festival 2013 and SEE IT FOR YOURSELF! Booker doesn’t care about WOMEN rights, CHILDREN rights, SENIOR rights and after he continually tried to PRIVATIZE NEWARK’S WATER, he doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s HUMAN RIGHTS!

The Honorable Tarrick TuckerImage


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