Each Life is an investment. Connecting the lives of Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin

I remember when Oscar Grant was murdered.. New Year’s Day 2009. I Remember calling for the newly elected president Barack Obama to make a statement. I thought he could speak to the humanity of all Americans. I thought he could make a non biased stand against gun violence while calling for ALL people to take a more patient stand in emotionally charged situations.. I thought he could speak to the great loss of Oscar Grant’s family.. Oscar was a son and a father and no matter the circumstances of his death the fact of a GREAT LOSS could have been addressed by OUR president. Barack Obama ran a presidential campaign based on the idea of “CHANGE” and by addressing the brutal murder of Oscar Grant that would have been a tremendous example of change.. Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. By calling for peace from his police force when dealing with this nation’s citizens wouldn’t that be in line with a Nobel Peace Prize recipient?? Last year The Malcolm X Grassroots Organization, following the murder of Trayvon Martin, conducted a study in which they learned and shared that every 28 hours an unarmed black man, woman or child is murdered by some type of law enforcement agency in The United States of America.. This is happening during the administration of the “first African American President” who is also a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.. The irony is that now Barack Obama maybe pressured to speak the African American community in a call for “peace” following the George Zimmerman murder trial, if he is acquitted.. Possibly, speaking to the loss of The Grant family, maybe, possibly could have been an investment for the future..


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