Global Meditation for World Peace!

̿|̿ ̿ HINK ABOUT IT EVERYONE . . . . . .
The time has come come for Humankind to unite to bring about world peace and to create the largest Global Meditation Event in history! Last month during the Super Moon, we did indeed change the world with the March Against Monsanto. This month during the Super Moon, together we will literally raise the vibration of the planet and change it to be one of consciousness and love. Please join us worldwide in this celebration for one half hour this Sunday, June 23 at noon Eastern time in the States, when the the Global Meditation Movement’s first International Meditation Event will coincide with the Super Moon. This is a link for the countdown clock that will let you know precisely when this event will begin:
Welcome to the awakening! Please share this information with everyone: Namasté. ☮♬♪♫♡


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